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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my pets with me when I move?
Most movers will not move pets for you. They will most probably arrange for a specialist company to transport your animal professionally and with the required care.

Can I have my new purchases delivered direct to the removal company of my choice?
It can be profitable for you to make purchases in your home country and have the mover take them to your new place of residence. Make sure to let the store know that the goods should be delivered to your mover to save time and money.

How long in advance should I start asking for quotes?
It is recommended to do this at least 4 months in advance of your planned move. This enables you to make a well informed choice and to make sure you pack only those goods you really wish to take with you. Please bear in mind that the mover is in a position to offer you better prices because he can combine moves or can plan well in advance.

Is it possible to load a crate for sea transport myself?
A mover will most probably not move a self-packed crate. The chances of damage are so great that it will be difficult to have it insured. If you want to take this risk we recommend you contact a shipping company to see if they can be of assistance. Especially the loading and unloading of a crate that will travel by sea is specialized work. This crate will be subject to serious movement in the process of being loaded on the ship by cranes and during the crossing, making it imperative that the packing is done by specially trained personnel with specially made packaging.

Do you transport yourself or do you contact other removal companies? is not a removal company. It is an adviser and an agent. We can forward a request for a free quote to specially selected international movers. These companies will then contact you.

Is this site for international company relocations only or also for private persons?
This site is for everybody moving internationally. If you are preparing to move it is advisable to use the free quote service and read the free tips that are on this site

Are goods I have packed myself insured by the removal company?
Most removal companies will not insure fragile or very valuable household goods or antiques if you have packed them yourself. For other items, like clothing, books, etc. this will not be the case. To make sure, contact your mover.

Can I also ask for a ‘ball park’ quote via the email address on this website?
No, it is only possible to get quotes via the free quote form. This ensures you get all the relevant information.

If you have a question that is not on this list contact us by sending us an e-mail.

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