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International Movers

Anyone who has a license for haulage may perform international removals. There are many international movers and they differentiate between international movers which perform removals occasionally and experienced international movers which perform removals on a regular base. Only a few can perform a damage-free removal. It is therefore important that you can separate wheat from the chaff and select a good international mover. Learn more about quality labels and certificates.

Quality labels international movers
There are several criteria an international moving company must meet. To guarantee a quality removal the international mover must be in possession of quality label and certificates. Quality labels promise a certain quality or trait. International moving companies must be members of leading national and international industry associations such as FIDI and OMNI. Make sure when choosing an international mover, the local movers the international mover works with are also in possession of quality labels and certificates.

  • FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Internationaux Demenageurs)
    FIDI is an international trade association that represents top of the international market. FIDI checks the financial position of its members and offers the PPP (Payment Protection Plan) to ensure the quality and delivery in the destination country.
  • OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International)
    This is a network of moving companies in different countries. This organization is distinguished by the excellent cooperation between the member companies, so the customer is assured of the same high quality service in the country of departure and destination.
  • IAM (International Association of Movers)
    This international organization is one of the biggest in the world, both large and small movers and carriers are affiliated.

Quality certificates international movers
A moving company must also hold quality certificates. The associated companies must meet the highest quality standards in their profession. Only the best international movers are admitted.

  • ISO 9001
    This standard provides the requirements for a quality management that can be used by an organization to improve customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements and the laws and regulations.
  • FAIM
    This certificate guarantees that each discipline within the corporate organization meets the high quality criteria of the FIDI. It will address both the implementation of the relocation and facility resources and financial stability assessed through an annual audit conducted by Ernst & Young.
  • FAIM / ISO
    FAIM / ISO certification is the highest quality that exists in the international moving world. Only the best international movers are in possession of this certificate. This ensure you make the right choice.

Selecting an international mover
Selecting a removal company is not an easy task. The moving company must meet several requirements. Experienced and well trained movers make your move to your destination will be enjoyable and without any worries. It is recommended to request quotes from multiple international movers, so you can compare several international moving specialists. This will save you money, time and energy because you avoid searching and chasing around. Request free quotes immediately!

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