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Overseas Moving

Overseas moving is not as easy as ABC, because there are many things that need to be done. The removal process involves several steps. Generally those steps are: packing your belongings, loading, unloading and transportation and finally unpacking your belongings. A specialized company in overseas moving makes sure your removal will be without any hassles.

The process of overseas moving
Transport by ship or plane A move between continents is characterized by the transport of your goods in steel containers or wooden crates. The goods are loaded by a mover in your country of origin and unloaded by a mover in your country of destination. The mover in your country of origin needs to have reliable partners in your country of destination. Check that both international movers are members of a professional trade organisation like FIDI or OMNI.

The international removal specialist must have knowledge about packing and transporting goods and of course the local circumstances to perform these removals adequately. The specialized mover should have experience in regular transports to and from destinations with their own transport agent on destination. In addition, because of regular transports, and by combining removals, the specialized mover is in a position to offer you low quotations.

Overseas moving process
An intercontinental move generally consists of packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking.

1. Packing
Prior to the move small goods are packed in boxes and clothing is stowed in special wardrobe boxes. You can choose to do your own packing and thus save considerably. Valuables or fragile items such as antiques or paintings are often packed by the experienced movers. Disassembling large pieces of furniture can also be done by the mover.

2. Loading
The mover will load your goods into the removal van or container on the arranged date. While loading it is essential that the goods are properly stowed, so no damage will occur.

3. Transportation
The goods are then transported to the storage location of the mover or directly to the harbor. In case of temporary storage the goods will be placed in secured storage. Your mover may combine a number of other removals to keep costs down. Experienced international movers make a detailed inventory and mark your goods with numbers, thus preventing mix-ups during the unloading of the goods.

4. Unloading
The unloading of your goods is done by an international mover on the destination. An experienced and specialized moving company should therefore have legitimate contacts with foreign movers. The goods will be checked based on the detailed inventory.

5. Unpacking
During the unloading, the goods are placed in the appropriate rooms. The unpacking is usually done by the owner, who puts everything in its right place. The assemblage of furniture can be taken care of by the movers.

Overseas moving
It might be clear that overseas moving is not as easy as you think. The whole process takes a lot of effort and time. An experienced international mover will help you move to your destination. We will help you quickly and easily gather quotes from multiple international removal companies in one simple request for your overseas moving. It will save you a lot of time and energy. You avoid the searching and chasing around, because the movers respond directly to you and provide you with a quote specific to your international move. Request free quotes immediately!

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